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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Camping Week

Our camping week has kicked off with a great start.
Yesterday we started our fun jobs. Here is what the children are doing this week:
Here the children roll the die, count the dots, find the number on their camper and color it.

Here the children have to pick a tent or camp fire, read the letter, find it on their sheet and highlight it.

Here the children made these adorable skunks. I got the idea from HERE.

For the finally job the children are doing some assessments with me.
We also read "We're going a Bear Hunt". Then we listened to the song and acted it out.

Today we talked about going camping and what supplies we would need to take with us. Then the children graphed if they have every been camping. We hung our graph outside and put our skunks around it.


Tomorrow we are going to make some an adorable sleeping bag craft, Thursday we are making porcupine and Friday is our camp out. EXCITING things to come!

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