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Monday, May 7, 2012

Planets and Stars

This week we are learning about space! I love this unit and I am SO excited about all the fun activities we are doing this week. Check on the pictures below to see what we started doing and check back for more pictures.
Our Galaxies- first thing we did was mix white paint and water in a squirt bottle. then we had fun squirting balck paper. Once it was dry we added planets, glitter rings, and star stickers. I LOVE THEM!!!

Sun- Here we cut our big circle. I put red, orange, and yellow paint on their circle. then I placed plastic wrap over it and the children spread the paint out. Next we transferred it to black paper and the children used QTips to make the rays. I got the idea from  HERE.

We made HUGE rockets.
Name Rockets- the children have to find the letters in their name and glue them to make a rocket. Then we count how many rocket blocks long it is.

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