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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A peek at this week!

We are talking about light and dark with Ms. L this week. Today we read a book about what the sun and moon sees, learned how to write a L and practiced making its sound. Tomorrow we are going to learn about fire safety from Les Passes. Friday we are having a camp out, so the children are bringing flashlights, sleeping bags, and wearing their PJs. A new week also means fun new jobs. Here are some pictures of our jobs.
Letter Stars- the children had to pick a star and write that letter in a box on their sheet.

Star and Moon Patterns- the children had to pick a moon/star and finish the pattern on their sheet.

Easter Egg Names- the children had to pick an egg and practice writing their friend's name that was in the egg.

Camp Fire- the children crumpled gray paper for rocks, twisted brown paper for logs, and crumbled red tissue paper ti create a campfire.

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