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Monday, February 6, 2012

Jobs for the week!

This week we are talking about the petting zoo with Mr. R. I love this week because on Thursday we will make biscuits and butter and on Friday Snap the goat comes to visit.
Today the children started their jobs. During carpet time we read a book on a petting zoo and we made patterns with animal sounds. Below are pictures of the jobs that we are doing this week.
Stand up animals.

Measuring farm animals. All the printables came from HERE.

Pig Shapes. Here the children have to color the shapes the correct color and then graph them. I am not sure where I printed the sheet from but found in on pinterest.

How far is it to the barn? I saw this HERE. At this job the children estimated how many cows it would take to get to the barn and then they glued to see how many it took.

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