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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This weeks jobs

Here the children had to pick out a Christmas Tree and count the ornaments. Then, on the sheet provided they documented their findings. (I have seen many different types of these activities on pinterest).

Here the children had to help Santa and put his reindeers in order. The children loved this activities.

 Here the children had to count the mittens on top of a gift box and match it to the bottom gift box that had the correct number in it. This would be really cute to use little bows but I had tons of these mittens that I had nothing to do with.(Thanks mom for this idea).
Sorry this picture is upside down, I could not figure out how to flip it. But at this job the children rolled a die, counted the dots, and put that number of cotton balls on the reindeer. I printed the mats from here, They have tons of math mats to use for different times of the year. 

 Last week we started to talk about patterning and the children did amazing with it, so at this job they had to make candy cane patterns. I got this ideas from

Up on the Housetop filler activity. I got the idea from but changed it for my PreK children.  

My children had a fun time doing their jobs this week. I love it when they call it a game. Today we had our Christmas Bazaar and didn't get to do our jobs. All the children asked about them all day until I let them do their next job. I love it!!!!

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